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About Bellos Audio

Started by Vlad and Bogdan Belonozhko with over 20 years of combined experience in designing and manufacturing personal and professional audio products. 

Bellos Audio was started as a response to the challenges that the brothers saw in the pro-audio industry. Leaning on their experience and background they were able to distill the challenges to find the core underlying issues that needed to be addressed. When designing the new solutions, they had to throw away all conventional knowledge and start from a clean slate, enabling them to think in a completely different way and taking a radically different approach.

Their latest offering is the X-Series Custom In-Ear Monitors with In-Air Canal technology. It’s a CIEM thats so comfortable its like having nothing in your ears! Packing industry leading technologies such as ATOM Venting, Rigid RCX Connector, comfortable 3D Printed Shells, a Removable Faceplate design for quick and efficient repairs, and a 2 Year Warranty – all at an affordable price.

Join the Bellos Brothers and experience the future of personal audio!

Learn more about the Custom In-Ear Monitors.