Our proprietary technologies that allow us to make the best in class Custom In-Ear Monitors.

3D Printing Technology

3D Printed Matte Shells

Using our patented 3D Printing technology we design all Custom In-Ear Monitors inside a 3D software with nanometer precision. The parts are printed and efficiently assembled by hand. Shortly after, the matte finish is applied to the CIEM shell to provide a very comfortable and organic fit with a “grippy” consistent seal.

Modular Drivers

The CIEM shell is designed to accept a pre-assembled driver package which is tested in advance to ensure it meets all specifications. Modular drivers are designed to be installed and removed without having to destroy the CIEM shell.

Modular Drivers

Removable Faceplates

A revolution in Custom In-Ear Monitor design. A conventional Custom IEM needs to be cut opened to be repaired. Our design features a faceplate that is attached with alloy steel screws and allows us to quickly and efficiently repair Custom In-Ear Monitors.

ATOM Venting

A pressure relief system that vents pressures that build up in a sealed ear canal. Greatly reducing listener fatigue so you can hear more and listen longer. You no longer feel like you’re disconnected from your environment, while still enjoying all the benefits of Custom In-Ear Monitors.IEMs

Internal ATOM Venting
Universal-Bore Design

Universal-Bore Design

Sound travels openly and freely through the Universal-Bore which acoustically shapes the sound without the use of sound tubes. This allows the drivers to breathe and unleashes the driver’s full potential.

RCX Cables

One of the most common points of failure is the cable. The RCX Cable changes this. A proprietary designed cable connection specifically made for Custom In-Ear Monitors. Rated for 5,000 connections without fail. The RCX cable also comes with our standard 2 Year CIEM warranty.