Introducing In-Air Canals

The Bellos Audio X-Series with In-Air Canal technology fit so comfortably, it’s like having nothing in your ears.

A conventional Custom In-Ear Monitor has a canal tip that goes past the second bend in your ears. It was designed this way to keep the In-Ear Monitors from breaking the seal or sliding out during use.

If you’ve ever used Custom IEMs (CIEMs) before, you know that when you open your jaw to sing or talk (or raise your eyebrows at your band mate when he hits the wrong note haha), your ear canals change shape. As a result, the CIEMs will lose seal and feel uncomfortable in the ear. This is an inherent issue with all conventional CIEMs, and we simply had to live with it. Until today.

We’ve developed a solution and we call it In-Air Canal technology. This proprietary design creates a full seal at the aperture (the entrance) of the ear canal without having to go past the second bend in the ear canal. Using state-of-the-art 3D Printing software, we design each Custom earphone to fit perfectly, with unmatched comfort using an oval ear tip. The ear canals are left filled with nothing but air, so any movement or changes in their shape do not affect the seal or comfort.

This puts the X-Series in a category of its own because there’s truly nothing like it on the market. You get all the benefits of Custom IEMs (comfort, isolation, controlled monitor mix) without the drawbacks of conventional CIEMs (uncomfortably long canal stems, breaking seal when moving jaw). The X-Series with In-Ear Canal technology are so comfortable, you’ll forget you have them in your ears!

The X-Series also feature the ATOM Venting technology which greatly expands the soundstage, beautiful 3D Printed Matte Shells, the ultra-durable RCX Cable Connector, and Modular Drivers & Removable Faceplates for fast service and repairs.